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EFVI Spain forms part of EFVI (European Free Vaping Initiative), a movement of citizens that fight to bring to the European Commission a debate to formalize their opinions with respect the classification of electronic cigarette and related products, against the upcoming Tobacco Products Directive implementation by proposing a legislation conforming to a consumer product that establishes the foundations for a free vaping without restrictions in Europe. To EFVI, anyone who already know these devices, their effectiveness and their positive impact on quality of life cannot find a good reason to justify a classification as a medicinal or tobacco product. Especially when other products well-known, with harmful effects, remain freely available to the public.

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  1. Greg A. Hamacher

    1 hr

    World Health Organization needs to see e-cigarettes as part of the solution, not the problem,…

    News, research, comment and policy analysis on nicotine containing products, in particular nicotine…


  2. “The California Association for Alcohol & Drug Educators (CAADE) supports efforts by the addiction treatment community to utilize its treatment expertise in developing tobacco cessation tools that include both abstinence-based and harm-reduction models including the use of electronic cigarettes”

    CAADE accredits addiction studies programs in over 40 colleges and universities in California, Arizona and Nevada. It also issues the highest level of addiction counselor certification in California, and currently represents more than 16,000 counselors, college faculty members and students.


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